October 26, Saturday, 2019

I took another rewarding walk in Elm Grove Cemetery this morning, surrounded by early sunlight and trees glowing with autumn light.

Below is a map of this morning’s walk …


… and some scenes from the walk …

We joined four friends this morning at the Quaker meeting house for a discussion on the idea of ‘community’. As usual, many thoughtful comments were shared. We talked about a community as a ‘network’, in which every word and action affects the ‘net’ in some way, and several of us spoke of the importance of everyone being open in a community, so that the community itself can remain open and receptive. One person spoke of his hometown, which he recalled as being a wonderfully friendly and supportive community, but which now, when he visited, seemed almost bereft of any true community spirit. It struck me, as we talked in a small circle, that we five were a comfortable and caring community in that quiet room in the meeting house.

Delycia’s beautiful late-blooming chrysanthemums …

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