Another chilly morning, perfect for a brisk walk in in our favorite cemetery. This time, we went our separate ways again, just to give us each a chance to walk at our own pace, and I found new paths to take – some unpaved lanes that workers use to care for the cemetery grounds. In a jolly way, I found myself wandering in a maze-like journey, past enormous, majestic trees, under shifting shade and sunlight, and sometimes out in the full sunshine beside the Mystic River. Occasionally I saw my sweet Delycia off in the distance, pacing along in her usual steady way. We waved and kept walking along.

Our chalkboard poem for today …


On Friday morning, we took a brisk walk the length of Napatree Beach and back. It was, as Delycia pointed out, a remarkably clear day – one of the clearest we could recall at the beach – and we both enjoyed the pristine look of the sea and sky and clouds and faintly visible islands in the distance. One of the highlights, however, had nothing to do with the clearness of the air. It was the remarkable profusion of monarch butterflies on goldenrod flowers on a high dune at the start of our walk (see below).

We also noticed the creative work the waves had done on the sand, making lines the way an artist would love to do …

And … a few more pictures from the walk …

Our chalkboard poems for Friday, yesterday, and today …

While Delycia was home working in her garden this morning, I took another walk in beautiful Wilcox Park — not a strenuous one, but enough to leave me feeling refreshed and fortified.

And this evening, for an inspiring end to our day, we took a picnic supper down to Stonington Point to watch the sunset – and, as usual, we were well rewarded.


This morning, we rode again on the Kingston (RI) rail trail, a chilly but cheerful ride through the shadowy forest of what is known as The Great Swamp. This time, Delycia sprinted away at the start, and I had a hard time catching up with her. She was a hard-pumping powerhouse, and she left me fairly wiped out by the time we reached our halfway point, the coffee house known as Sweet Cakes Bakery and Cafe. However, I recovered nicely with the help of hot coffee and a scrumptious cranberry scone.

A tiny patio at the entrance to an apartment in Peacedale (our halfway point)

Sweet Cakes Bakery and Cafe, where we enjoyed our usual mid-morning treat
halfway through our ride.

Our chalkboard poem for today …

An absolutely majestic spider web that Delycia found on our porch this morning …


Yesterday was a very big day for our family: my grandson, Noah Converse Salsich, was inducted into the National Honor Society! Luckily, I was able to attend the ceremony with Jamie, and I shed many inside tears while this brave and good young man received this high honor. As I watched him stride across the stage to accept his NHS pin, I held in memory the many tears I heard being shed years ago as 2nd-grader Noah tried to get his homework finished. He obviously now loves the adventure of learning, as well as the thrill of helping the world around him be a better and brighter world. He’s a young man full of wonder, and wonderful powers, and our world has been steadily better since the day he was born.

Our chalkboard poem for today …

We went for another walk in Elm Grove Cemetery this morning, each going off in a different direction at our own pace and meeting back at the car. (We’ve found that, this way, a walk becomes sort of a solitary meditation for each of us, and gives us the chance to walk at our own chosen speed.) It was another lovely morning of light and coolness, and I did make some enlightening spiritual journeys as I walked through shadows and sunlight and cool winds alongside the Mystic River.


This morning, Cia went to the Y for her workout, but I decided to get my exercise at the lovely cemetery on the river – and it was truly lovely this morning. Here and there, the sun was flowing in through the leaves of the trees, making small and large pools of golden light as I walked along, and the shining river in the distance added to the majesty of the morning. It was a walk to remember!

Our chalkboard poem for today …


Yesterday morning, we took another huffing-and-puffing (for me) walk up and down the Peace Sanctuary Hill — only about 30 minutes worth, but more than enough cardio work for me. I actually kept better pace with Delycia, lagging only maybe 10 paces behind rather than my usual 30+. (This morning, we did our workout at the YMCA. Borrrring!)

Our chalkboard poem for the first day of autumn …

Here are two tiny toads we found on our table in the garden …

September 21, 2019

Our chalkboard poem for yesterday …

… and today …

A lovely thank-you note from grandson Louie!

Delycia was visiting her good friend Evelyn yesterday, so poor lonely Ham was on his own, sitting on his imaginary park bench …

But, he made the most of his lonesome day with a walk in a lovely, lonesome cemetery.

Yesterday afternoon, we took part, with Jamie and Jan, in a global warming protest rally in Westerly. I’d say there were about 50 people present, and there was a spirit of sincere and serious enthusiasm present. There were smiles and cheers, but they arose, not from flippancy and silliness, but from a feeling of solidarity with millions of people across the earth who are thoroughly concerned about the state of our planet. We were a band of 50, with countless friends around the earth.

My two signs at the protest …

Today, we rode the train – one of my favorite things to do – to Boston to meet Aaron and to attend a performance of the Boston Ballet (Aaron’s gift to us). It was truly one of the best performances I have seen – a 19th century classic called “Giselle”. The music and dancing was, as always at the Boston Ballet, spectacular, and the story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness brought genuine tears to my eyes, especially at the end of each act. I loved the entire day – the round trip on the train, our delicious lunch in Chinatown, the ballet, and the comradeship of three good friends.

Here we are, after the ballet, above the elegant main hall …


Our chalkboard poem for today …

We took an early, almost frosty walk this morning along the beautiful Mystic River – temp at 46 degrees, but comforting sunshine all around. As always, it was a blessing to see the glistening river, a few shorebirds swimming or soaring, and the Mystic Seaport ships in the distance. Some walkers and runners passed us now and then, but it was a fairly silent morning on the road – just the rustle of trees in the wind and a very few cars coming by now and then. We kept a good pace, with me huffing and puffing and Cia simply sailing along as though she was 17 instead of a year older than me.


Our front yard chalkboard poem for today …

… and yesterday …

We took another smooth and joyous ride on the Kingston rail trail on Monday ….

My daily poem …

Ellie G., 42, Blessings, CT
(a random word poem,
random words in bold)

She felt lucky
to be a landowner,
especially since the land she owned
was under the leadership
of the suns and stars.
The location of her land
was the vast realm
of kindness and patience,
and she lovingly gave her loyalty
to this kingdom
as she wrestled in a loving way
with her duties,
and with the friendly whisperings
of the suns and stars.

Beautiful Wilcox Park …

I took another walk in Wilcox Park this morning, before the Quaker meeting for worship, and once again I found the park to be an inspiringly beautiful place. I walked on the well-kept walkways for about 30 minutes,. doing my best to push myself a bit, especially on on the steep steps, and then, pooped and sweaty, I sat on a bench in the shade for my daily mid-morning snack. Delycia was working out at the Y, so I had a few minutes to sip my coffee and taste a few treats, including a soft and sweet peach.