Today we joined a group of friends at the weekly writing class guided by a good friend of ours. Over the last few years, Delycia and I have come to enjoy these gatherings, where 10 0r 15 senior citizens write about their special memories and sincere feelings. Today, our leader chose “laughter” as the topic we would write about, and so, after about 15 minutes of writing, we began sharing our words. As usual, I was surprised – even amazed – by the depth of their writing – by their obvious willingness to be absolutely honest in their response to the prompt. Of course, with the topic “laughter”, we had many good laughs as we listened to our fellow writers share their written words, and I’m chuckling right now about some of the excellent jokes we heard.

Here is our chalkboard poem for today, as well as two scenes from my walks today, in Wilcox Park and in a small cemetery in nearby Groton. (Delycia continued her happy workouts at the local YMCA.)

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