Tuesday, October 29, 2019

After our early silent meditation time in the sunroom, we had our usual breakfast, watching the light of a new day slowly spread around the yard. Cia pointed out how her overflowing pink chrysanthemums (not store-bought but her proud perennials for many years) seemed to glow in the dim first light. It was almost spooky to see. Here’s a picture of them in the full daylight …

After breakfast, we took another walk at our beautiful local cemetery. As usual, even on a cloudy early morning, the colors in the trees were enchanting, almost ghostly (like Delycia’s mums). I felt almost mystified as I walked, as though I was moving through a funky, offbeat world, which I actually was. Here are some scenes …

Here is the chalkboard poem for today …

And now, at 7:50 pm, we’re just finishing another happy evening with Noah and Ava – lots of smiles, laughs, and plain and simple love. We tested each other with on-line quizzes, told some completely silly jokes, teased one another in friendship, and ate a filling dinner together. Lucky us!🍀

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