Thursday, August 18, 2022

            Each day is a day of revelations.  Each moment, some small or large miracle is being revealed, here and everywhere. Even each moment itself is a surprising disclosure, arising as if from nowhere, presenting itself as an announcement of the mystery and marvel of life. Big news breaks moment after moment, but in a gracious and considerate way, the way clouds suddenly separate to disclose a blue and sunny sky. If I listen carefully, I can hear declarations of fresh truths all day long: ‘This exact thought has never been thought before!’ ‘This particular sight of two old pencils sitting beside a tall coffee cup has never been seen before!’ ‘This specific breath you’re now receiving is being born brand new, right now!’ It’s like fresh treasures are uncovered for me moment after moment, like stunning good news is continuously broadcast for me, and for everyone. Trouble is, I am sometimes so wrapped in my wandering worries and concerns that I don’t see or hear the beautiful revelations life provides moment after moment. Hopefully, today will be different. Perhaps I’ll be quietly astounded today by life’s simple but astonishing, nonstop newsflashes.


It was a revelation of truth. 
It was an orange opening 
so he could see the blaze burning inside. 
It was words shattering 
like glass containers so the truths 
he never knew existed were spread out 
before him. It was someone walking 
on a sea of sorrows, or someone starting 
to write and the sentences skipping
like girls and boys, or someone deciding 
to be brave and breaking the past 
like a single matchstick, that’s all,
as easy as that, and then he saw 
the praise that everything deserves.



Thursday, August 4, 2022

Even though I usually don’t realize it, every moment of every day is busy’ fixing’ things for me. I – along with the entire universe – am thoroughly reconditioned each moment, renovated inside and out and made fresh for new escapades in the adventure called life. Even while I’m writing these words, winds are overhauling forests, and my body’s cells are efficiently reconstructing themselves – full refreshening happening with every word that’s written. This doesn’t mean, however, that life is ever damaged and in need of repair. No, the endless refurbishing happens simply because that’s what life loves best – to always make all things new. Yes, these simple, commonplace words have been used countless times before, but never in precisely this way. They sit on my computer screen with trailblazing smiles, because, like everything from mountains to stars to thoughts to words like friends on screens – they are endlessly getting fixed and refreshed and immaculately enhanced, like unsullied newborns – always .



Friday, July 8, 2022 

         After 80+ years, I now see, in my occasional moments of insight, that, far from being something solid, all of reality – including me – is actually loose and unbounded. The idea of solidness is just that – an idea, a belief – whereas the truth, as scientists know well, is that reality is an unshackled dance among trillions of unleashed cells and atoms. Life is no more solid than the ocean, always flowing and shifting and swapping, and I, being a part of this ocean of reality, am part of the ceaseless flow. Similar to a drop of ocean water, I am a drop of life, always swirling and shifting in the endless sea of reality. I am no more permanent than a wave in the ocean, no more solid than the surf coming ashore. In truth, I and everyone and everything is loose and limitless in a cosmos that’s everchanging and thus always fresh and first-hand, which sounds to me like a good reason for some genuine joy.  😀 



June 12, 2022

         I would love to feel lots of energy today, and it should be easy to do, since I belong to a universe made of endless energy. Actually, I can’t avoid being perked up today, all day, since I am part of an endlessly vast universe made of endlessly vast vitality. I probably won’t always feel this inner vitality, but it will definitely always be there – my 37 trillion cells working freely and fluidly, my breath coming and going with reliable buoyancy, thoughts constantly zipping around inside me. I may sometimes feel fatigued today, but the universe that I am an important and inseparable part of will never be wearied of working its little and large miracles. When I feel sapped and drained, perhaps I should just watch, for a while, the tree limbs in our yard endlessly flowing and shifting with the steady – though invisible – movements of the air, or maybe I should simply pause for a few moments and feel the reliable rise and fall of my belly as my body does its dependable breathing with quiet exuberance. There will be forcefulness in every moment today, even in simply the fact that each moment will be made fresh and brand-new before my eyes. Today’s dynamism will be unlike any other day’s, always crisp in its newness. I just need to stay alert to the pizzazz and punch that will be always happening inside and all around me.     

And two scenes from our morning walk in the seaside village of Noank …



Wednesday, March 16, 2022

         Life is always igniting, though I usually miss the fun of watching it. Today,  each moment will ignite with the soft flames of newness, and thoughts will burst into various kinds of flares, again and again. Kindness will kindle all day long, giving me and everyone a chance for some soft light and warm-heartedness, and sparks of words will shoot up as people talk and old, bald men make paragraphs and poems. Explosions of freshness will occur all day long, like life set alight over and over. One second of silence might inflame me, the way a sunrise arouses the sky. Come on, young March 16. I am ready. Fuel me with your fire!

Below, some scenes from our 3-mile walk this morning on the Beebe Pond Trail…

Worker and Soak


Sunday, February 20, 2022


         I am fortunate to always be able to watch and appreciate the countless workers in the carefree factory of this universe of ours. All day long, my lungs labor with ease and pleasure to bring me fresh breaths, and my eyes, like true craftsmen, constantly bring sights into my consciousness in the most creative and comfortable ways.  The amazing artisan called Thinking is always hard at work, mysteriously making and sending thoughts by the thousands swinging through my mind, and each Moment, in fact, is an artistic toiler in the making of brand-new miracles.  

Strangely, the seemingly separate person called ‘me’ is more of a watcher than a worker. My job is to watch and welcome and understand and love what the workers of the universe are quietly accomplishing, moment after moment. How lucky can an 80-year-old dude get?   


         Today, all day long, I will be soaking in the splendid peacefulness of life, even though I may be totally unaware of it. I may be faraway in my head that’s often full of worries and wonderings and what-ifs, but the boundless life that I’m part of will always be bathing me in the undisturbed endlessness of the present moment. Whether I realize it or not, I’ll be immersed in restfulness all day, because that’s where the universe always is, and I am one of its lucky partners. Hopefully, I can occasionally come out of my reveries and feel the marvelous soaking and rinsing in serenity that is always – always – happening. 

+ our chalkboard poem earlier this week +


Wednesday, November 10, 2021


            As I begin writing, at 4:38 a.m., it is wonderful to know that each and every moment today will be utterly clean. I like to help Delycia keep our small home as clean as possible, but the good news is that I don’t have to do any work to keep the moments of this day clean. Each new moment will arrive absolutely scrubbed and spotless. If I imagine our living room as perfectly pristine, freshly painted and dusted and vacuumed, that’s what today will be like – a brand-new, beautiful, and boundless ‘living room’  presented in all its perfection, again and again and again. The hours will all be fresh and polished, as unblemished as a sunrise, even though I may sometimes (often?) be utterly unaware of their loveliness. It will be like living in an immaculate kingdom, moment after moment – a vast empire of  refreshing newness. I won’t have to be constantly dusting and polishing life today, for it will always be pure and untainted, a spotless present given by the universe to the universe, including me. 


That’s easy. 
Trees sweep their own air 
with leaves,
winds can wipe yesterday away, 
and one song of a bird
will brighten a whole hour. 
And thoughts –
good ones –
can turn the town 
upside down 
with optimism,
can polish an afternoon
before your eyes.  

Our chalkboard poem for yesterday …