Wednesday, September 29, 2021


            I’m fairly good at doing, but not so good at being. I’m almost always doing something, but rarely aware of being –  but today I hope to make a change. To ‘be’ is to be present right here and right now, always, and that’s my challenge for today. I want to ‘be’ fully available in each moment, ready to feel the full influence of the eternal present. The phenomenon called ‘Hamilton Salsich’ occurs, in a brand new way, over and over each moment, and I want to be entirely present to observe and enjoy the vastness and mystery of myself. Actually, whether I’m aware of it or not, I will always be carefully positioned right in the center of the present, so why not take pleasure in that? I really have no choice today: I must be – and stay – precisely in the present, and I hope to reap the incredible benefits of that simple fact. 


Notice the way stars 
seem to rustle 
when you see them
from a field. 
Find the place 
where sunsets disappear,
and visit it 
when you're sad. 
Listen to the breezes 
when they organize themselves 
and sing together. 
And keep your eyes 
on other faces. 
Notice the kindness 
that often blossoms  
like crowds of flowers 
in these faces.

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