Tuesday, September 28, 2021


            It will be wonderful to hold in thought today that life is always chock-full of chances. There are endless possibilities in each moment, each one an opportunity for me to experience a miracle. Absolutely anything is feasible today, from a sparrow shaking its wings in special ways, to a super-new idea dancing into my mind, to the descending of raindrops never before seen on earth. All the moments today will be gambles of the finest kind, leaps in the adorable darkness of the universe. Unforeseen windows of opportunity will constantly be opening. Today I will take part in thousands of lotteries, and will always win, and the prizes will be plentiful. I can take risk-free chances over and over again today, smiling as I foresee the flow of bewildering rewards. 


She loves finding fragments of pleasure.
Happiness is made simple in her hands --
a smile from a stranger, 
the silence of a book before she opens it,
a lily leaning toward her in the garden.
Sometimes she finds reassurance
in a single stray sentence, 
or in a word
that separates itself from a sentence
and stands up 
like something she should listen to.
On mornings made of blessings,
thoughts thrown out like yesterday's trash
will glitter for her 
like pieces of gold.
You can come to her 
with just crumbs of kindness, 
and she will be satisfied.

We saw these lovely deer on the rail trail bike path yesterday, and – lucky for me – they inspired a poem …


Two deer doing the simple things -
standing on homespun grass, 
giving hunger some gifts, 
finding the simplicity that's always shining,
even in old leaves, 
even in old bike riders 
rolling along 
with 80-year-old ease and unfussiness,
like two deer daring to be workaday deer, 
just basic and beautiful.  

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