Saturday, March 28, 2020

On our morning walk today in Noank, overlooking Fisher’s Island Sound, I had the same wonderful feeling of freedom I almost always have on our daily walks. I felt free almost in a wild way, as though I was just part of the wind that was whipping around here and there, or just another wave like the ones I could see in the sea down below. Later, back home, I was looking at this photo I took on the walk

“Old Gnarly Ham”, a tree in Noank, CT

and I suddenly saw a crazy wildness in the tree that seemed similar to what I was feeling during our walk. This old, gnarly tree seemed wonderful to old, gnarly me, and I thought of how beautiful its spring blossoms would be, and how beautiful my blossoming spring thoughts and activities would be in the coming weeks. I look forward to passing it many more times, and pausing and making a small bow of respectfulness, as I’m sure it will do for me.

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