Friday, March 27, 2020

I try to avoid using the word “God”, since its meaning has become so  fuzzy over the centuries, but there surely is a non-material force (or Force) in the universe that, again and again down through history, has allowed gentleness and serenity to overcome fear and affliction. Occasionally I think about the Bible story of the men who survived being thrown into a fiery furnace, and I start to wonder: What future fires, what pain and grief, may await me, and will I be able to survive, and even, as the boys in the story did, somehow flourish inside the flames of my suffering? Will I be able to face future troubles with poise and inner stillness, not by pretending the troubles don’t exist, but by understanding that there’s a calm and loving force in the universe that’s far stronger than any suffering I might experience?  I think of the Bible story strictly as an allegory, in which the fiery furnace stands for any situation that seems to surround me with hopelessness.  The men in the allegorical story were able to feel fully the power of unison and peace that pervades the universe, from the farthest star to the smallest cell in our bodies, and somehow that power easily erased the disharmony of their situation.  The fire in their lives had no power when put up against the non-material power of peacefulness, and I hope that will be true of the various physical and emotional fires that will surely flare up in my life in years to come. 

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Our front yard chalkboard poem for today …

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my hard-working, powerful sweetheart/gardener taking a rest

2 thoughts on “Power”

  1. I LOVE the chalkboard poem for the day! Perfect, perfect. And so nice to picture you both enjoying the beauty and abundance (thanks to Cia) of your garden!


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