Thursday, November 7, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, around 5:30, we walked up to the beach to enjoy the sunset, and we were not disappointed. It was both fun and mystifying to see the colors of the late sunlight slowly flow and shift over the dunes and homes in the distance. We walked for awhile toward the west, just savoring the miracle of it, watching light linger and then silently sink and be gone.

This morning, we did our customary sunrise walk, and saw the morning sky’s usual magic.

At one point in our walk, Delycia discovered some strange bones and skin in the sand. Like a good scientist, she bent over them for a few minutes and made a careful study, attentively lifting various parts and speculating about what they might be.

Later in the morning, around 8:45, we set off on what became a 15 mile bike ride, heading west up to the famous Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. We spent some quality time in their visitors center, where countless carefully presented displays taught us many helpful things about the life we share on our planet. Cia also made reservations for us to take part in a guided kayak tour, on Saturday, of the nearby coastal waterways. Should be fun!

It was a hot and tiring bike ride, but well worth it. We were part of nature’s smooth, ever shifting movement on a beautiful day by the sea.

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