Treadmills and April Flames

May 1, 2019
            Yesterday, after lunch, we went to the Y for a brief but spirited workout. I decided to spread the time between several types of exercise – some stair-climbing, some uphill work on the treadmill, some different weight machines, and even, at the end, some short balancing work by the window looking out over the water. (It is, for sure, a pleasure to have the Y’s spread-out space to do our workouts, especially with the windows overlooking the beautiful waters surrounding the Mystic shoreline.)
            Later, Cia went off to a get-together with a friend, and I started a springtime fire in the fireplace and spent a few luxurious hours in front of the comforting flames, with a book in my lap and a cup of tea close by. When Cia returned, there were still a few warm flames left for her to enjoy, curled up on the loveseat.


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