Lonesome – but with Work and Tulips

May 3, 2019
Yesterday, Cia drove up to the Sherburn, MA, to visit Evelyn – leaving at 8:30 and not returning till after 5:00! I was alone and lonely for the whole day! Well, not really terribly lonely, since I did fill the time with careful work at my desk – sending out poems to publishers, writing a new one, meditating now and then, writing in my journal, reading a Hemingway story (which I didn’t understand), working out strongly on the stationary bike set up in the garage, and on and on and on. I did miss my sweetheart, for sure, but I filled the lonesome time with some serious and helpful work.
I also wandered among her lovely, newly growing gardens, and took some photos. Such a beautiful yard to spend some spring and summer days in!  

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