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Wednesday, August 11, 2022

How silly it would be if I decided I had to help my heart beat in a proper way, or organize my lungs so they’ll take in air more efficiently, or assist in the wind as it blows across my town. It would be ridiculous, because, of course, hearts and lungs and winds don’t need any help from me. They are perfectly capable of doing whatever they do completely on their own. Reliably, and completely without my assistance, my heart pumps, my lungs expand, and the wind blows. For people (like me) who have always believed they personally have to control the important things in their lives, this realization is a jolt. There’s nothing more important to me than the beating of my heart, and yet it happens without my control or aid of any kind. Even when I am utterly oblivious, as when I’m asleep, my loyal heart continues doing its essential tasks. I guess I have to ask myself: what other important tasks are taken care of without my assistance? Could it be that most – even all – of the essential activities in life happen on their own, and rather routinely? Dawn comes after darkness, summer follows spring, planet earth spins peacefully along through space, thoughts come to me dependably, one after the other – all without my consent or assistance. Perhaps I should relax more often, take a breath, and just sit back and watch. After all, the really critical activities seem to be happening quite well – and quite beautifully – without me.

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