Wednesday,  January 19, 2022

            I need guidance every moment – where to go, what to do, what to think and feel – and it’s comforting to know that it’s always there – here – for me. In every moment of every day, careful and detailed instructions await me. All I have to do is pause, stay still, and stay open, and the necessary advice will start silently speaking. The strange and marvelous truth is that I live in a universe that’s replete with helpful thoughts. There are countless stars in the sky, and there are limitless, immeasurable thoughts drifting here and there, waiting for me to need them. The only problem is that this ‘me’ is usually so lost in its small, separate, self-centered world that it doesn’t see or hear the simple, far-spreading guidance that’s always ready to help. Today, though, could be different. Today I might keep my inner ears open and alert for the helpful suggestions of the universe. The stars are always shining, and so are the tips and hints of our always supportive cosmos. 

A poem from the past …

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