Monday, August 30, 2021


            It’s reassuring to realize, each morning, that thousands of things are ready to assist me during the day, and that they were made ready with absolutely no assistance from me. I sometimes smugly think of myself as my own source and supplier of the tools of success, but it’s simply not the case — not when I consider, for instance, my car that is occasionally cared for  by master mechanics, with no help from me; the streets that have been kept smooth and clean for my car, with no help from me; the stoplights that successfully send me and others from one intersection to another, with no help from me; the sunshine that makes it easy to see the copious summer trees, with no help from me; and the trees themselves that make major miracles on these warm August days, with no help from me. I’m ready to have a fine day each morning, mostly because of the countless tasks undertaken by people and forces unfamiliar and far away, the loyal laborers who do their duties so that ease and coziness can be a much bigger part of my life than pressure and stress. 


He always likes to be ready. 
He knows the universe itself 
is always in readiness, 
all set 
to start miracles spinning
moment after psyched-up moment.  
He likes to be primed for action, 
geared up to meet 
what a moment
 brings him, 
whether a hundred 
wonderful feelings 
or a wild 
situation that screams and dances. 
He keeps on the lookout,
always alert for little births, 
small arrivals from this world
that always wishes him good luck 
but he has to be
bright-eyed and on his toes 
to take the luck and truly love it. 


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