Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Nothing is more resourceful than this universe into which I was warmly welcomed 79 years ago. Everything about it is ambitious – stars in the sky trying to be the best stars, curtains ruffling breezes in enthusiastic ways, pretzels sitting in a dish with eagerness to please. Every single moment has the zest and sparkle of fountains – if only I could open my eyes and heart to notice it! Today will be a bright and talented teacher, quick-witted and vigorous, and capable of blessing me in millions of ways. Once again, I realize how lucky I am!

Philip M., 89, Blessings, CT

He loves the abilities shown 
in the breaking up of clouds, 
and in the comings and goings 
of gifted breezes.
He believes he belongs 
to these abilities, 
that he’s a part of the expertise 
of sunrises and the talented trees
that shake and frisk for him. 
He praises the powers 
of his hands 
that can come together 
in camaraderie,
and can dance at his side 
as he walks 
and wonders 
at this stunningly skillful world. 

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