A Birthday of Wonders

Thursday, November 26, 2020

This was a day of quiet wonders for me. Actually, I guess all my days are like that, but I often am not open to the moment-by-moment wonders, being more interested in following my wandering thoughts. Today, though, was so bright and shining in its quiet way that I couldn’t help but be lifted up by it. It was my 79th birthday, and, with Delycia’s loving help, it was definitely as good as birthdays get.

It began with this message above the window in the dining room, which I saw at 4:55 a.m. when I wandered in to make my coffee.

I received a lovely birthday card from Delycia, with a way-more-than-lovely note on the back, and then we had a rainy, happy morning together – reading, writing, passing each other with pats-on-the-back and smiles, snacking with ‘cuppas’ side by side, and just being our usual soft lights in each others’ lives.

Then, around noon, Annie, Gabe, and Louie came by for a social-distanced birthday serenade on the front porch, while we sat in the living room behind the big window, loving the show. Louie strummed and sang some of his beautiful newly-composed songs – an amazing treat for us – and Gabe and Annie joined in on ‘Happy Birthday’

Later, we enjoyed a traditional thanksgiving feast, just the two of us, including a bountiful, luscious berry pie. Delycia placed a candle in each of our pieces, and I had the honor of pinching them out.

Later, we had a loving Zoom check-in with most of our blended family, including Aaron. I felt tears trying to come for the entire 45 minutes. It was a remarkable end to a day full of unfolding wonders for this very lucky, almost-80-year-old dude.

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