Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Delycia often says that she tries to notice things when she’s out on hikes – not just ‘see’ the outdoor world she’s passing through, but truly noticepay attention to – the little and large miracles around her. On our walk this morning, which took us through a portion of the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Conservancy, we came to a small, silent pool almost concealed beside the trail. We paused for a few moments, and I took this picture …

but I must admit that I didn’t really ‘notice’ many of the details in the scene – especially the faint shades of green scattered around. They were the miracles of these first spring days, but my eyes, I guess, were blind to the beauty of them this morning, and not until I saw this photo on my computer screen at home did I see – truly notice – the slight signs of growth among the trees. I missed those miracles this morning, just as I have missed, I am sure, millions of other miracles in my long and lucky life.

+ + + + +

So when I look at this photo, also taken on the walk this morning,

I am noticing– and what I notice is the true stateliness of everything. The old and young trees, the stones of all sizes that have been sitting in peacefulness for perhaps centuries, the leaves that are lying in a somewhat solemn manner precisely where they should be, and the lady standing in an imposing and impressive way – all are resplendent with the effortless majesty that makes nature sanctuaries so wonderful too walk through. Perhaps, at 78, I am starting to notice in new and better ways!

+ + + + +

And here’s a scene from today’s walk that makes me think I should write a children’s story called “The Stones that Nobody Noticed”.

+ + + + +

Below is the route of our walk this morning …

+ + + + +

Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels. — Bertolt Brecht

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