Friday, July 15, 2022

         At 4:52 a.m. now, I’m looking forward to a day of triumphs, but none of them will be really mine. Yes, I will participate in the triumphs, but I will  not be the cause of them – or not the only cause, I should say. I will assist in the victories, simply because I will be a vital part of all of them – and so will everything else. As is true for all days, today will be overflowing with victories – the sunlight parading among trees and homes like a winner, the winds waving their triumphant breezes, the hearts of people and houseflies and little lambs softly rising and falling with success. Yes, there will certainly be sorrow and fears, but behind and beneath them will be wisdom, always silently waiting to arise in conquest. Today, like all days, will be a tour de force for the masterful universe we are part of. The earth will roll itself along with supreme skill, all my thoughts, even the fearful ones, will feel like ‘feathers in my cap’, and every moment, even the sad and scary ones, will show superiority. Plus, tonight there will certainly be a look of supremacy among the prize-winning stars across the sky! 

(Accomplish, KY, USA)

In the town of Accomplish,
all things seem to choose
to achieve success.
Even dust on desks in homes
and offices succeeds in being
the best possible dust,
and books on bookshelves
manage to stay superbly aligned.
Water waits to a T
inside pipes, and then flows out
marvelously when requested.
The citizens of this small,
consummate city are precisely
as they should be each moment,
and each moment makes
perfect prosperity for everyone
and everything. There's even
triumph in coughs and sneezes,
since they're always done
in ideal, undamaged ways.

If you visit Accomplish,
be sure to come
with a love of magnificence.


Saturday, July 3, 2021


            The life that I usually think of as ‘mine’ actually belongs to the infinite and infinitely prosperous reality that we call ‘the universe’. Though it usually seems to be separate and small and enclosed within the limits of the body labeled ‘me’, in fact, what I call ‘my life’ truly ranges out to boundless, timeless, and ever-prospering realms. Scientists estimate there are somewhere near 1082 atoms in the universe – of which ‘my’ 1027  atoms are a teeny tiny part – and all of the universe’s atoms are constantly prospering, as they have been for countless gazillions of years. Yes, there is constant change occurring, but it always occurs in a vigorous and flourishing way. Yes, there is what we call ‘death’, but it is simply part of the always changing and ever-thriving energy of this permanently productive universe.  Today – like every day, and including me – will be exceedingly well-off, overflowing with liveliness. If there is gladness, it will be boundless, and if there is sorrow, it will be bottomless. Happiness will constantly spring up and blossom, and so will sadness. Every single moment today will be successful, in immeasurable and often unseen ways. Saturday,  July 3, 2021, will be an affluent, ‘stinking rich’ day, and I will be a lucky part of this opulence.


1. Figure out the flight of moments. 
2. Make piles of feelings 
and watch them float away. 
3. Love winning and losing the games of life.
4. Give to the wind
and watch what it gives back. 
5. Be brave like sunlight and life. 
6. Let your heart lift you up 
and up.