June 13, 2022

         Today, lucky for me, ‘being’ will be everywhere and all-powerful. Yes, ‘doing’ will also seem to be ever-present, but beneath and behind all the doing will be the simple, always accessible power of being, of aliveness. Wherever I am – at my desk, in the yard, or walking with Delycia to our weekly breakfast-out – the vital force of quiet, simple being will be ubiquitous. Even when I’m just sitting outside in the springtime shade and doing nothing but sitting, ‘being-ness’, the soul and spirit of all of reality, will be drawing empowered breath all around me. Even in total non-activity today, life will be always arising, always being. A stone sitting among other silent stones on a wall has, in this sense, as much life as a youngster racing around on the playground. The stone is being present, being around, being available, being at hand – and so am Iand always. I just hope I can always be aware of it – the peaceful and boundless power of simply being. 


Here are some photos from our walk this morning in Elm Grove Cemetery on the Mystic River …


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

This morning we took a 5 1/2 mile walk into Mystic and back, sometimes talking, sometimes staying silent just to appreciate what we were doing together, and sometimes simply giving thanks for the accustomed but always captivating scenery.

Our frig poems today …

My poem for today …