Tuesday,  July 26, 2022

         An old hymn says “They who seek the throne of grace / find that throne in every place.” This reminds me of something I have always enjoyed meditating upon – the idea of personal, universal royalty. Today, I want to live like a king, because I am a king, and for a very simple reason: I am at the center of all power – and, by the way, so is everyone else. In each present moment, all the power of the universe is present, and it’s present in thought. Try as I may, I can find no other power in this moment – or any moment – than thought.  Thought is everything, does everything, changes everything, and what is called ‘me’ and ‘we’ are at the precise center of thought. So … we are all kings and queens, and today, I hope I can act in a royal manner. I hope I can be confident, calm, and strong, because all power is on the side of royalty. This can be a beautifully imperial day – a day of queens and kings.  

(Harrison P., 61, Blessings, CT)

He's often guided with glory,
as if he's a king who's cared for
by servants. Some days, seeing leaves
loosening in a breeze brings him
inspiration about what to do next
and how to do it. Some days,
the sky suddenly darkening
guides him to hold the light
of his life up higher. He can't help
being guided, because goodness
always gathers near him
to show him how to go.  You feel
victorious when you have
that kind of guidance, the leadership
of leaves and darkness, and of course
the flow of kindness,
the river that cares and steers.
* a fresh bouquet for the dining room from Delycia’s garden *