A Word Like Light: ILLUSTRATE

Like a well-designed book, the life I am part of is beautifully illustrated. Every single moment today will be artistically decorated with wonderful scenes. Living through the hours of this day will be like reading a magically illuminated book. Entering each of the approximately 58,000 moments of my awake hours, I will be turning to a new page in a book in which beauty has no boundaries. Each new moment will be embellished with pristine, state-of-the-art panoramas. I might be sitting with Delycia in a cafe, taking a sip of tea, and every flawless instant there will be made memorable by a brand-new graphic design – the perfect, newborn ways people are sitting at other tables, the unblemished shine of sunlight outside, the immaculate words we are speaking at that special, stylish moment. Today I will turn countless pages in the majestic book of life, and each of them will be illustrated in ways never seen before. It should make for some breathtaking reading!