I used to think the word ‘glory’ applied only to things like sunsets and distant mountains and misty rainbows, but as my 81 years have passed, I’ve slowly come to see glory everywhere, and in everything. What is more glorious than the softly glowing computer screen on which the words I’m typing now are stepping along in unison?  And what deserves more praise than my elderly fingers dancing in their trusty, free-and-easy ways on the computer keyboard, or the soft and splendid music the furnace is making below me in the cellar? I see grandeur beside me in a small glass full of pens and pencils, sitting silently and shining in the lamplight, and there’s a strangely wondrous splendor in the sounds from the washer softly cleansing our clothes down the hall. And nothing should be honored more than this simple but stunning moment, right here and now – a spectacle that never ends, is always with us – this precise moment, right now, in its dazzling light. I look again, and here it is, even now, the present, right here, in all its pomp and beauty. I say let us praise the glory of the ever-present present moment, which is everywhere and everything!



Saturday, August 20, 2022

         It’s always reassuring to remember how supportive every aspect of life is. All the moments of today will quietly care for me – always sensitive to my needs and helpful in guiding me down and up the most instructive trails. It’s as if I will have a concerned companion called ‘life’ always at my side, supporting me in my travels through troubles and triumphs. Every moment today will be strictly on my side, responsive to my needs and sensitive to my irreplaceable existence. Every situation, even the troubling ones, will be somehow nurturing, somehow helping me develop the strength and astuteness that rightfully belongs to me and to everyone. In a way, I am a bald and white-bearded 80-year-old infant still just starting to see the glories and mysteries of life, and this special day – special like all of them – will be helpful to me in the happiest and most surprising ways. All the moments will be like supportive moms and dads for me, looking after my needs and fostering my ever-new friendships with the vast universe of life.  How lucky can an ancient and crinkly kid get?


He’s always backed-up,
which brings him an easy, consoling feeling,
like flying in an infinite sky
with never-failing, always-helpful winds.
When worries assail him,
simple presence has his back,
reassuring him that now
will never be any better than it is now,
which means it’s matchless
right at this moment,
and that miracles can arise
even from fear and fretfulness.    
He gets help from the happiness 
he sees in old, simple streets 
and in stones that sit in peace. 
His support is always present
in every spreading-out 
and restfully soaring 
new moment.  

* in Delycia’s garden this morning, a feast for a preying mantis *