Saturday, July 23, 2022

         Today, like every day, I can count on the unconditional support of the present moment. Whatever I need will be all set for me, here and now, ready to provide me with unlimited wisdom and power. I will have unrestricted access to treasures like kindness, gentleness, acceptance, and patience, and everything I see – trees tossing in summer winds, my wife’s sweet smile, a cup of coffee standing ready beside my hand – will be wholehearted in its ability to literally transform my life. Each moment will be unquestioning in its ability to make life perfect for me, right there and then. I don’t mean that there won’t be challenges today, the fears and disappointments that do their crazy dance all over the earth, but I know that life will be unequivocally able to show me how to accept whatever happens with a respectful bow. I may experience sadness today, but I know I can do it with a gentle willingness. And it’s not little ‘me’ that’s able to be agreeable and easygoing today; it’s life itself. I just have to be open to the all-out, unconditional love that life has ready for me each moment. 


about Sharon Z., 82, Blessings, CT
(a poem based on an old saying

She knows she has friends
in high places,
like the power lines
above her street,
where sparrows sometimes smile at her,
though no one believes her
when she tells them.
The clouds are her friends, too.
She sees them sailing
and sometimes waving to her,
because they’re soft
like her,
and they understand.
The sunlight
that’s always unfolding in the sky
is her friend,
and also the limber tree limbs
high up
that help her remember
to be loose with life,
to freely allow it
to lead her
with its wholeheartedness.
Perhaps the friend she’s proudest of
is the sky itself,
since its vastness
and openness
reminds her of herself.



Wednesday, June 29, 2022 

         I often feel weighted-down by life, as if I’m carrying heavy piles of worries and duties and fears, as if life itself is a load that I have to lift up again each morning. Today, however, I hope I can feel, once again, the absolute buoyancy of life, as though my heart is an easygoing feather floating freely along in a universe that sincerely loves it. I’m sure I will, as usual, have problems to deal with and worries to work around, but my hope is that I can treat them like playful friends rather than cumbersome burdens. It probably seems strange than I can speak of problems as being playful, but when I approach them in an almost jovial way – as in “Hey, here’s a brand-new problem, another opportunity to see an amazing solution work itself out!” – the winds of patience and open-mindedness do eventually float the problems away. I guess ‘easygoing’ is another way I might describe this approach to life, not because life is always easy – far from it – but because walking with life and all of its problems in a relaxed and even-tempered way can often make the burdens slowly become almost like feathers. 

         Today, I hope I can let my life float free, the way it always wants to, and then I can just do my small but important part in the lighthearted – though sometimes strenuous – dance of all of life.