Sunday, September 18, 2022

         It should be fairly easy for me to live with poise today, because that’s the way the universe always lives. There’s always a lovely balance everywhere, whether in the gracefulness of both strong and easy winds, the equilibrium among successes and failures, or the composure shown by both sorrows and joys. I should be able to have presence of mind today, because, in a way, everything around me will have it. All the roads we drive on will be calm beneath us, in both bumps and smoothness, and the scenery, even when somewhat unsightly, will have its own special serenity. There will be elegance in the way my breathing brings me fresh power each moment, and my 80-year-old eyes will, as usual, behave with dignity as they bring the wonders of the day into my life. In a universe as suave as this one, no doubt I should be able to live with poise and self-assurance today.   

(an elderly friend in Blessings, CT)

She finds it effortless
to fly inside herself,
to float and hover
in poised ways
inside the immeasurable life
the universe started sharing with her
so many years ago.
There is grandeur, she knows,
in going where the winds of life lead,
in letting goodness sail her along
to even more light and liberty
than she always has.
Hold on, she reminds herself,
and simply show the universe
that you totally trust it.



Monday, July 18, 2022

         As the years have passed, I have slowly been able to see more of the marvelous symmetry that seems to be everywhere. Even in the midst of worries and fears, it sometimes comes to me that a lovely equilibrium exists among those worries and fears and nearby joys and delights, like they’re all nicely balanced as they prance in partnership along life’s roads. There’s a wonderful regularity in sunrises and sunsets, and I see more and more of that kind of orderliness in all the moments of my days – the way anxieties seem to be friendly with calmness, the way confusion seems to hold hands with wisdom, the way boredom can quietly open the door to curiosity. I guess I just have to watch life more attentively to see the harmonious evenness of everything. The universe, of which I am a part, is a dancer that always exhibits the power of concord and coordination. Today, perhaps, I will see – and feel – that continuous, well-balanced dancing, the symmetry that’s secretly shining everywhere.   


One day, in one small town, there 
was no struggle. Stillness showed 
its power hour after hour, and all 
behavior was like holiday play. Even 
sorrow was a stream you could float on, 
and disappointment was somehow sweet, 
like lemonade. All actions showed symmetry – 
bumps and stumbles waltzing smoothly 
with successes, and illness lying in 
the arms of health like familiar friends. 
People walked barefoot over difficulties, 
breakfast was served at the dawn of 
any dejection, and fear was serenaded 
like a safe and playful friend. Outsiders
stared and stood in line to visit. 


Below, some lovely day-lilies from Delycia’s garden …

… and scenes from our beach walk this morning …

… and a brand-new bouquet from her garden for our dining room …