May 31, 2019

     On Wednesday, we took our first beach walk of the season — a chilly, fairly speedy saunter out to Napatree Point. It was a lovely day, even though clouds pretty much covered the sky. Somehow, there was a perfect clarity over the entire scene – the sand and new grass of the shore and the stretching-out ocean. I told Cia I was almost glad it was not sunny, since the absence of glare made the scene almost more translucent.

two lucky beach saunterers …
… on a beautiful beach

     This morning, we trooped up and down the path at the Peace Sanctuary in the almost silence of the early hour. We were quiet most of the way, but several times, Cia almost shouted with happiness upon seeing some special flowers.

Here she is, admiring some flowers, just after gasping with joy.


Three Friends and Cherries

May 28, 2019
     Yesterday, Matty came over after lunch, and we three spent several hours in the shade out back, carrying on a thoughtful, far-roaming conversation – typical of the kind of talks we have when Matty visits. It was a perfect pre-summer day – warm but not hot, with steady comforting breezes and the softest sunshine – and all this made our conversation even more memorable for me. We wandered from topic to topic, much of it springing from Matty’s customary wide and profound reading. (What helped us along, perhaps, was the ice water and plate of delicious cherries that Cia brought out on a tray for us.) In the end, when we gave our hugs and goodbyes, I felt both tired and refreshed – tired from thinking way down deep, and refreshed from having so many new ideas spring up in my mind. Thanks, Matty and Cia!

Good Friends, a River and a Hammock

May 24, 2019
            Today we had our good friends Sarah and Harvey over for lunch, and it was a laughter-filled few hours, for sure. I found it very relaxing to share thoughts across the table – thoughts and memories and stories and interests. We laughed almost non-stop as we sipped my homemade minestrone, and the gelato with rhubarb-strawberry sauce, was easy to enjoy while laughing. They are good friends, and it was good to refresh our friendship today.     
May 27

      This morning I took an invigorating 5 mile walk along River Road, under the softest of blue skies and helped along by lively May breezes. It was the longest walk I’ve done this season, and I felt comfortable and peppy the entire way. There’s something about this world that’s miraculous (no kidding!) and this morning beside the Mystic River I was witness to it once again in my awesomely lucky life.

a little rapids beside the river


Hard-working Cia has been loving the hammock these days, not for long lengths of time, but just for short reviving naps in the afternoon.

A Non-stop, Blossoming Worker

May 23, 2019

      Yesterday, I saw the 100,000th++flowering of my beloved wife, Delycia, and it was as though she blossomed, this time, into acres and acres of flowers. She’s been almost a non-stop, go-go worker since the day I met her (even though, oddly enough, she was sitting down in a very relaxed manner when I first met her at the Natick Mall), but the last few days have been like her engine’s been running at some kind of super-speed, as she’s gone through the house and yard with her scouring, flowering energies. At some point in the afternoon yesterday, I just sat back in my mind and marveled at what she was doing – marveled, I guess, at the ‘flowers’ my beloved was producing wherever she turned. In the last few weeks she has: thoroughly rearranged our overall budget, carefully analyzed our tax forms and discovered a serious discrepancy, laid down mulch among her widespread gardens and trimmed and weeded them, scoured and polished her bathroom, cleaned and removed several bookcases, etc. etc. etc. etc. Like the flowers in her gardens, she is always unfolding and flourishing, ever since I’ve known her, but in these last few days (weeks? months?) she’s been an absolute flowering storm. My hunch is I should just get out of the storm’s path, assist it as much as possible, and enjoy the amazement of it all.    

Delycia the Superworker!

Walking and Quizzing

May 22, 2019
            Yesterday, after breakfast, we did four fairly fast walks up and down the Peace Sanctuary road on a perfectly splendid spring morning. There was coolness, but just enough to keep us from perspiring, not enough to be uncomfortable. I did some good and quiet ‘Matty time’ meditations as we walked, always doing my best to keep up with fast-striding Cia.

Later, we drove up to Jamie’s for another evening with the kids, and it was, as usual, a steadily happy and relaxing time. For a few good minutes, Delycia and I sat outside on a gliding seat and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of Jamie’s property. We often sit outside at home, but yesterday we enjoyed the very special quiet at Jamie’s place, much quieter, strangely, than our home in our peaceful neighborhood in Mystic. We had a wonderful time during dinner, with me asking what I thought were fairly tough quiz questions and Noah and Ava (and Cia) answering them bing-bing-bing, with hardly a pause. I tried to eat my food, but my amazement and steady laughter made it difficult.

A Hard-laboring Lady

May 20, 2019
Today was beautiful almost summer-like day, a perfect one for working outside. Cia was outside almost from dawn to dark, pulling weeds, watering her thriving flowers and shrubs, trimming bushes, loading bags with brush for the landfill, digging out good soil from the brick planter in front of the porch that we’ve decided to do away with,
and cleaning the last of the firewood from the porch. I was amazed, but shouldn’t have been, because it was just Cia being Cia – working and working and accomplishing and accomplishing.

And what did I accomplish today? Well, I wrote a poem I like in the morning, did some excellent spiritual reading, and then, after lunch, visited a senior-living facility with Cia near our house, just by way of checking it out. We had a friendly, fairly thorough tour, including one apartment, but I think, in the end, we were not overly impressed. The chances of us ending up at Masonicare are fairly slim to none.