Thursday, September 15, 2022

       Today, I hope I can be aware of the limitless fullness of life. Each moment, even seemingly dull or dismal ones, will be brimming with charm. Even just pouring pancake batter onto the frying pan will be an accomplishment bursting at the seams with good fortune, and just chewing nuts and sipping espresso will be crowded with feelings of success – but only if I keep my mind and heart open. Life is always well-supplied with miracles – from the simplest thoughts, to sunlight settling on rain-soaked grass, to small sweet songs by wrens – and this day will be no different. Its hours will be filled with wall-to-wall opportunities and jam-packed with powers, all freely available for an 80-year-old boy named Hamilton. Let’s hope this dude can stay primed and open!

(about Braelyn J., 52, Blessings, CT)

One day, she felt fullness in her life, 
and in all of life. There was wholeness 
in all of her thoughts, as if each 
thought was brimful and perfect. There 
was a profusion in her feelings, almost 
a swelling, like the sea swells in its 
graceful comprehensiveness. The small 
book she was reading seemed vast on this 
immeasurable day, as though she held 
a universe as she turned the pages, or 
as if dollars overflowed in all the 
sentences. Everything seemed complete, 
even the dust she saw on the bedside 
table – a prosperous and finished 
dust it was, like this day that, for 
some reason, released its riches for her. 

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