Wednesday, September  7, 2022

         It will be fun today to notice and appreciate, in every moment, the true fabric of life – to fully comprehend that the ‘stuff ‘ of all of life is far more amazing than I have usually realized. Each moment today will be made of material that’s as astonishing as the distant stars, as elegant as early morning light. Thoughts will slide through me like the tissues of winds, and feelings will be like various cloths buffing and shining my old but youthful life. All the scenes I see today – even just pillows on a couch, or a plain pencil on a desk, or cars coming quietly along – will be the stuff of major miracles. All of the fabric of today – including disappointments and difficulties – will be somehow comfortable and encouraging. I just hope I can wrap it all around me with thankfulness.   

(about a guy I know)

In his 80’s now, he  sometimes sees 
that life is, in fact, a soft thing, 
something like a pillow prepared 
to welcome whatever falls upon it. 
He sees that burdensome sorrows 
can actually rest easily on the pillow 
life made for him in 1941. He sees 
that life has a sweet, soft touch, 
that it can be cordial to failure as well as 
triumph, to suffering as well as success.  
For the first time, he understands that life 
is a cushion ready to receive whatever 
lands on it, whether stones of grief 
or feathers of pleasure. He sees that,
no matter what’s happening,
 life walks softly, 
and loves to do its soft-shoe dance. 


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