Thursday, August 18, 2022

            Each day is a day of revelations.  Each moment, some small or large miracle is being revealed, here and everywhere. Even each moment itself is a surprising disclosure, arising as if from nowhere, presenting itself as an announcement of the mystery and marvel of life. Big news breaks moment after moment, but in a gracious and considerate way, the way clouds suddenly separate to disclose a blue and sunny sky. If I listen carefully, I can hear declarations of fresh truths all day long: ‘This exact thought has never been thought before!’ ‘This particular sight of two old pencils sitting beside a tall coffee cup has never been seen before!’ ‘This specific breath you’re now receiving is being born brand new, right now!’ It’s like fresh treasures are uncovered for me moment after moment, like stunning good news is continuously broadcast for me, and for everyone. Trouble is, I am sometimes so wrapped in my wandering worries and concerns that I don’t see or hear the beautiful revelations life provides moment after moment. Hopefully, today will be different. Perhaps I’ll be quietly astounded today by life’s simple but astonishing, nonstop newsflashes.


It was a revelation of truth. 
It was an orange opening 
so he could see the blaze burning inside. 
It was words shattering 
like glass containers so the truths 
he never knew existed were spread out 
before him. It was someone walking 
on a sea of sorrows, or someone starting 
to write and the sentences skipping
like girls and boys, or someone deciding 
to be brave and breaking the past 
like a single matchstick, that’s all,
as easy as that, and then he saw 
the praise that everything deserves.

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