Wednesday, August 17, 2022

         Relaxing should definitely be part of my daily routine, because it’s assuredly a large part of the Universe’s lifestyle. Winds and breezes are constantly loosening up among mountains and homes and seas around the world, and sunshine does nothing but take it easy as it spreads itself smoothly among us. Wherever dust is, it’s always resting, and, as I’m typing these words, the blood in my hands is lounging along in its reliable and laidback way. Life itself – except when I interfere with my worries and self-centered displeasure – is always lightening up as the moments pass effortlessly by. Is time ever tense as it moves along? Don’t days invariably flow along  in unruffled ways? Yes, I am sometimes anxious and edgy, but the Universe itself never is. The sun always rises in a leisurely way, thoughts inside me stream along with ease and mastery, and events materialize precisely as they must. Today, I can be brave and daring and do what needs to be done for the good of all, but I can do it with peace and composure. I can relax like light does as it unceasingly shines up the universe.  

Below, scenes from our walk on Napatree Beach (RI) this morning, with Delycia striding ahead in the distance …

(Sharon Z., 82, Blessings, CT)

Strange, but she saw a rock relaxing 
one day, just sitting beside a fence 
as though it was smiling. Then she 
saw clouds calming down all across the
sky, sort of softening and resting
as they strayed here and there. Soon
she noticed the wind unwinding, like
it was sick of rushing and just wished
for some leisure time, and then,
surprisingly, a sparrow settled on 
a chair and composed itself, as if 
it was loosening up after its morning’s 
search for food. She stood still, in
wonder. The wind stroked her softly. 

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