Thursday, July 28, 2022

Sometimes – maybe even usually – I live my life on the topmost surface of reality, just ambling along in a fairly mindless manner, making progress straight ahead across the surface of tasks and problems, but rarely looking down to see what’s below me, what’s hidden under the skin of all these slapdash activities, thoughts, and feelings of mine. If I did take a quiet moment to look below my very busy ‘self’, I would surely be astonished by the boundless scene, the measureless depth of my seemingly little life. My personal comings and goings take place in a limitless and bottomless sea that sways the way it must, and takes me easily along. I may sometimes pretend I understand my life, but that’s as silly as saying I understand all the stars in the sky. Every moment of my or anyone’s life exists in a mystical depth that can’t be explained, but only appreciated and praised. Right here and right now is always infinite, inestimable – and very beautiful.

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