Wednesday, July 27, 2022

         Today, like all days, I will simply be a ripple in the boundless ocean of the universe – and I hope I can be a grateful one. Indeed, why wouldn’t I be grateful –  undulating along, like I am, in a soft and sympathetic cosmos? Each moment, a new little wave rolls ‘me’ along, and what I call ‘me’ is actually the wave itself, a brand new ripple in the ever-flowing sea of life. What’s really wonderful is that this sea has no boundaries, no limits, and therefore neither will I as I roll and tumble along today. Even if sadness or distress appears, each moment of consciousness will be as vast as an ocean, and each thought will be thoroughly fresh, a never-before-seen ruffle in the boundless mind of life. Wondering where these thoughts come from is like wondering where waves in an ocean come from. Instead of speculating and analyzing, maybe I should just be amazed – and grateful – moment after moment, in sorrow or gladness, as life ripples along and takes me for an endless, always surprising ride.     


If you seek harmony, 
you can get help from the happiness 
of trees balancing themselves 
with winds of all kinds, 
and from the fun flowers have 
in swaying together in harmonious ways. 
You could easily fit yourself into
the tuneful flow of moments 
as they ripple along, 
and the lyrical roll of sorrows with delights
and disappointments with successes
can carry you along in friendly fellowship. 
Harmony has a way of staying with you, 
like vastness always stays with the sky. 
Seek harmony, yes, 
and be sure to smile 
when you see that it's always here. 

“SKY HARMONIES”, oil on canvas by William Hawkins

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