Sunday, July 24, 2022

         It’s easy for me to lose sight of the fact that everything in life is important – every occurrence, person, thing, and thought. Nothing happens except the useful and the momentous. Each moment today will be far-reaching in its value to me and to the universe. Every breath I take will be of immeasurable benefit, and each feeling that flows through me will be somehow pivotal. The earth will slowly spin, and all of its slight movements will be indispensable. I so often get lost in the apparent unimportance of moment-by-moment happenings, but today I hope I can be alert to the preeminence of even the smallest things – the tick-tock of the clock in our living room, the look of the lamplight on my notes on my desk, the sounds of tires in streets. Every moment today will have prestige, as though its grandness goes beyond that of the sun and stars. Every thought, in a secret and miraculous way, will be entirely epoch-making. Today, truly, will be historic. I should probably take meticulous notes as it discloses its prominence.   

(about Ellie G. 42, Blessings, CT)

One day, Ellie arrived
at the most important moment
of her life, 
and it was right now, 
at this moment in time. 
She saw that she was currently 
precisely where she should be, 
that presently she was in the midst 
of a vast power. 
She understood that, 
right away,
she was living the life
the universe designed for her, 
and that, this minute, this instant, 
she was standing
in the exact center of that life. 
Life was immediately all hers, 
and power was being promptly presented to her.

Without delay, 
she was delighted with everything.
She stood very still,
and smiled –

which she still does, 
a lot.

* a scene from our walk at Bluff Point State Park yesterday morning *

* Delycia’s good friend *

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