Tuesday,  July 12, 2022

         This morning, as usual, I was greeted, when I awoke, by my good and happy house. It’s always there for me at the start of each day, waiting to wave with friendliness as I begin a brand new journey. And this kind of thing happens all day long, every day – all the rooms saluting me again and again as I pass through them, the new daylight outside saying hello as I walk with it here and there, and even the trees raising their leaves to me as I pass by. I was at the grocery store this morning, and it was as if each person I passed greeted me in their silent, shy way, and even the plums and blueberries seemed to say hello as I looked them over. Today, like all of them, will surely be a day full of greetings, each moment ushering me in to its pristine and matchless paradise. I hope I can be politely grateful all day long!

(about Braelynn J., 52, Blessings, CT)

Each morning, 
Braelynn brings out the red carpet
to make a gracious greeting
for a new day. She knows that shame
and distress might show up, that sorrow
could come to her doorstep, but still,
she ushers each day into her life 
with thankfulness. She knows 
there are wonders beyond belief, 
both bright and dark,
waiting inside each hour, each moment,
and hospitality is what they deserve.
She somehow hugs both good news and bad,
because she knows they both bring gifts.
She opens her door and says, 

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