Thursday, July 7, 2022 

         Whenever I feel uncomfortably warm on these summer days, I can always sprinkle some cold water across my face, and luckily, life itself does something similar when I get lost on the sweaty trail of worries. All I need, when cares and concerns are closing in upon me, is a sprinkle of presence – the boundless freshness of each present moment. Perhaps I will feel it every so often today – the splash of newness that’s always available, the soft shower of inventiveness that life is always ready to spray me with. In the heat – real or metaphorical – of any day, I hope I can feel the soft drizzle of cleanness in each feeling and thought, the way each new moment is bespeckled with dashes of cleverness and resourcefulness. Like the best friend it is, life is always ready – especially in the heat of doubts and qualms – with its rejuvenating sprinkles of freedom and refreshment.  


She found a fountain one morning, 
and made it something 
she could carry 
and care for,
an everlasting spring, 
a spray she could use
to sprinkle stillness and acceptance 
on everything,
especially on herself, 
this restless person
who forgets that she's a fountain herself,
an unfailing flow of  life, 
and now she carries
the quiet fountain she found 
and is starting to see 
that she simply found 

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