Wednesday, July 6, 2022 

         Today, lucky for 80-year-old me, I will be like a traveler on a brand-new trail, following a trusted and all-wise guide called ‘life’. My life will be a fortunate ‘finder’ – all day long. Each hour, it will unearth amazing discoveries for me to enjoy, and in every moment it will chance upon miraculous wonders. Small and large displays of goodness will be sniffed out for me to appreciate. Life and I together will stumble upon astonishing surprises – the look of early light outside as I sit at my desk, the sound of Delycia preparing her breakfast in the kitchen, even the soft sounds of our footsteps on the carpet. Life, today, will come across situations never before experienced in the history of the universe, and I will be there to stand in wonder and reverence. What’s truly interesting is that ‘I’ will not be doing the finding. Life itself will be the pioneer and discoverer, and I will be beside it as its fortunate friend, grateful to be in the presence of such an astute and skillful explorer.   

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