June 11, 2022

         I have often heard people say to a friend something like, “You need to get some recreation”, and this morning I’m thinking about what that could actually mean. The word ‘recreation’ literally means ‘re-create’, and so recreation might involve designing my life in a totally new way, manufacturing a brand-new ‘me’. Getting some recreation could mean initiating something completely fresh in my life, shaping something as new as a new morning. Oddly enough, I’m realizing, as I write, that this kind of recreation occurs constantly – every single moment, in fact. I don’t need to ‘get’ some recreation, because it’s always transpiring, inside me and all around me. Whether I’m aware of it or not, life will be continually restoring itself today. All the moments – whether I’m washing the kitchen counter or walking on a woodland trail or experiencing sadness or disappointment – will consist of life ‘re-creating’ itself by making everything fresh and new, again and again and again. Many people have hobbies that keep them entertained, and today – and every day – life itself is the model for hobby-lovers,  because it always unfolds in a completely revitalizing way. I only hope I can keep my eyes and heart open today so I can fully take part in the refreshing re-creation that all the moments – even the troubling ones – provide. A whole new universe – including me – will be manufactured moment by moment, providing restoration of an astonishing kind. 

Below are some photos from recent days …

… and three happy bike riders on the Kingston rail trail yesterday …

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