Wednesday, May 4, 2022

            Sometimes I see things so startling that it’s almost like a lion roaring to remind me of how surprising life is. These wake-up calls come not from strange and outlandish things, but from just the simplest, most commonplace stuff of everyday life. If I’m sort of dozing in my thoughts while walking around the yard, suddenly I might see a set of trees along our street standing so straight and self-possessed, and I’m startled into wakefulness by the simple rightness of them. Or, if I’m sleepwalking through some humdrum household tasks, out of the blue I might notice a yellow bowl on a table beside a window, and that small, undistinguished bowl seems to shout at me to wake up and watch for the ever-present wonders around me. I’m thankful that these lions in my life roar quite regularly to keep me alert. I can effortlessly daydream through most of any day, but usually some small, obvious thing – a single shadow on the lawn, a fluttering leaf, a sky so blue it stuns – roars to me now and then, and I bow in my heart in thanks.  


a poem about Ellie G., 46, Blessings, CT, USA

This is the day 
on which rain is making 
a loving miracle that clings to grass and trees 
and friendly roads,
and roars with special softness. 
This is the day 
when dancing is what her heart does, 
and singing is what computer keys do, 
and kindness is showering all things, 
and thinking is a way of prancing 
along the jumbled, joyful roads of this life, 
the life which is choosing her 
right now and through the dampened day 
to be blue and yellow and pink and green, 
a grand, gray-haired rainbow 
called Ellie.

Below is the latest bouquet from Delycia’s garden. WOW!!

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