Monday, May 2, 2022

            It’s supposed to rain today, but I’m saying “So what?” to the forecast. I’m making plans to reign in the rain. I will be a king among cloudbursts, a prince in drizzles and showers. Let the skies let loose their wettest weather; I will still wear my crown, still think the thoughts I want to think and see the goodness that’s given to all of us in storms or sunshine. There will be showers today, but there will also be the rule of kindness, the sovereignty of consideration and benevolence. Among gales and squalls, goodwill will be the lord of my land. 

And here’s a poem I wrote several years ago on a similar topic …


Even sitting inside on a stormy day,
you can feel the influence of friendship, 
the power of helpfulness offering itself. 
If you stay still, 
you will witness the forces of familiarity
among rain and winds and trees,
the way comradeship comes forward to rule
inside these gracious storms. 
The siege of winds is somehow sociable,
with trees surrendering with courteousness,
and puddles on streets 
moving in generous swirls. 
You will see the sovereignty of well-mannered rain, 
the self-government of altruistic winds,
the commanding unselfishness 
of birds’ wings and grass blades, 
the authority of smooth winds 
and your own blustery feelings 
as you sit inside 
your stately, helpful house. 

Below, the lovely light at 5:45 this morning – including a rainbow!

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