Thursday, April 21, 2022

            Perhaps I should try to be a better ‘inquirer’, sort of like a news reporter seeking information about what’s happening. When I see my fingers tapping on the keyboard to write these words, I could  make inquiries as to how this happens – how the muscles and bones in my hands know which ways to move, how my 80-year-old mind shapes thoughts into words and then sets them in sentences on the computer screen.  When I see leaves on trees and bushes shaking in winds, I could wonder why they swirl and shake in so many strange ways, and when a blue sky brings its beauties above our house, I could solicit information about how exactly this miracle is made. I need to be more of a questioner, need to delve deeply into the mysteries of even the simplest moments. Each day I could be an explorer, searching for why sounds are so diverse, why light always seems alive, why the present moment seems to always stay with me, like a loyal friend. Perhaps I could pretend I’m wearing a hat that says ‘PRESS’, and could prowl through my days in search of answers to the billions of marvelous questions. 


On yesterday’s walk along the Mystic River, I came upon this truck sitting patiently on the road as a duck sat patiently in front of it. I was impressed by the courtesy of the driver, just sitting in peace behind the wheel, waiting for the duck to decide what to do. I walked over toward the duck, softly waving my arm, and the duck slowly hopped to the side. As the driver drove away, he gave me a good wave and a smile.

And here’s a scene from yesterday’s walk, looking across lovely St. Patrick Cemetery to the Mystic River in the distance …

And finally, a quick video from our 3-mile walk this morning on Napatree Beach …

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