Tuesday, April 12, 2022

         I love eating store-bought food, especially the snacky kind, but I often forget about the delicious and nutritious food that’s always available in the universal ‘store’ of life. I take delight in occasional nibbles of my cherished pretzels, and a small bowl of chips seems to enhance my perspective toward everything, but what about the refreshment that comes from just a taste of every single wholesome present moment? Instead of chips and a sugar-free chocolate bar at 10:00 a.m., could I simply open the perfectly fresh present moment and enjoy the immeasurable miracles of its uniqueness? Instead of a bedtime apple and rice-cake, could I silently sample some tidbits of the healthful thoughts and feelings that are always waiting for me on the table of the here and now? There’s wholesome cuisine for my inner spirit all around me – in simple but spectacular clouds passing over, in the sounds of my wife’s footsteps through the house, even in the hum of the clothes dryer down the hall. In fact, I could just sit still beside a window and serenely consume whatever sights and sounds I hear, a repast far more nourishing than no-salt mini-pretzels.   

Below, some scenes from our recent lucky walks …

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