Thursday, March 31, 2022

            It’s only 5:41 a.m., but I am already awestruck today. I am totally astounded by what has already happened, and what will happen in the coming hours. Just a few moments ago, I remembered that, when Delycia and I go out for breakfast this morning, we will simply get into a car (which is – amazingly – ours) and be smoothly transported to the cafe. While we’re driving, breath will be effortlessly coming and going in our bodies, our bodies’ 30 trillion cells will be efficiently functioning in their multifaceted ways, and the 300 billion stars in our galaxy will be gracefully circulating through the universe. What’s equally a cause for awe is the fact that thoughts will be constantly bringing their freshness to my mind all day long, like suns rising nonstop over and over, and innumerable rivers of feelings of all kinds will be flowing through my life.  Yes, there may be fears and sorrows waiting for me in the hours ahead, but even they will be amazing in their history and eminence. 

            Just thinking about this, I feel stunned right now, at 6:01 a.m. No doubt it’s going to be a wonderstruck kind of day for at least one 80-year-old dude!

* the flag of Ukraine in front of our house, honoring a brave and suffering nation *

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