Tuesday, March 22, 2022

         The word ‘workable’ means able to be worked, fashioned, or manipulated, and, at my wonderful age of 80, all of life now seems quite workable. Of course, what I realize now is that it’s not ‘I’ that does the fashioning or manipulating, but life  – the present moment, the boundless universe itself. In fact, what this ‘I’ must do is step aside and allow life to do its marvelous artistic work. Sometimes, life’s shaping and sculpting may seem strange and disagreeable, like an ocean in a storm, but the waves and currents of life all serve a purpose beyond my understanding, and soon the storm always proves workable, and life can fashion it – if I let it – into a reality with a new kind of quietness and magnificence. I need to work on stepping back and simply observing the storms of life as they seethe, and eventually settle, into newness and insight. To boundless life, everything is workable in a wonderful way … if I can patiently watch and wait. 

Below are some scenes from our very happy sunrise walk yesterday on Napatree Beach …

Below, the first daffodils!!

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