Friday, March 18, 2022

         Although I won’t always realize it, my life will be controlled by a set of beautiful laws today – specific rules and regulations that will require me to live in a very orderly way. For instance, it has been decreed, this morning, that fresh breath will come into my lungs on a regular schedule, a certain number of times every hour, and that my heart will rise and fall in a measured manner, moment after moment. Perhaps the most important law today is that only the present moment will exist. Yes, the past and future will seem to be present and important, but truly, and by law, only this moment, right here and now, will be real and have power. And … this leads to today’s next unbreakable law, that the present moment will always be completely new. My life, at certain times, may seem timeworn and shabby today, but the law states that each moment will be totally fresh and unprecedented. It’s as if a pronouncement will be made over and over again: THIS MOMENT IS A BRAND-NEW MIRACLE. APPRECIATE IT. I guess I should feel lucky, today,  to be living under such a helpful set of laws. Since they will be constantly supervising me, and since it will be impossible to disobey them, I might as well give them my support – and some smiles!  

Below, some scenes from our 4-mile walk today on beautiful Barn Island …

…. and here’s an old dude sitting in a lovely nearby cemetery after a terrific bike ride …

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