Thursday, March 17, 2022

         These days, pain is pouring over the country of Ukraine from outside, but inside the besieged country, courage is coursing along like a free-flowing river. The citizens of Ukraine are being lashed with hardship, but they’re also stubbornly surging ahead in the full force of friendship and resolve. They’re pouring their bravery into homes and streets and countrysides, and it’s easily sweeping past the phony gallantry of Russian tanks and troops. Yes, Russia may eventually conquer the country, but they surely will not conquer the valor of the people of Ukraine.  Heroism like theirs is a flood that always streams over and past the artificial boldness of oppressors. No matter who ‘wins’ this war, the Ukrainian people have poured out the boundless power of their courage for the world to see – and to learn from.   

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