Tuesday, March 15, 2022

         Yesterday, I surprised myself by making pizza using a homemade crust. It was actually an easy process – just some flour, baking powder, milk, and olive oil mixed together, rolled into a ball, left to settle, kneaded, flattened out into a 12-inch circle, baked for 10 minutes, then loaded with toppings and baked for another 20 minutes.  A homespun pizza crust – so much simpler than driving up to the grocery store and buying a frozen, salt-loaded one! It’s fun, too, looking back, to notice how ‘homemade’ all my experiences seemed throughout the day – homespun thoughts appearing inside me with ease, makeshift feelings straightforwardly flowing along, and scenes and situations effortlessly emerging from life’s old-fashioned oven. I fashioned a small pizza crust for dinner, and life cooked up handmade miracles moment after moment.  A rustic, folksy day all around!  


In March, the sky can bring
a feeling that will make you sing,
and warmth can show you days
all full of love and praise
for gifts that life will always give,
and peace that will forever live.
A very serious reader

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