Monday, March 14, 2022

         It’s strange for me to realize, again this morning, that I often worship idols. No, I don’t literally bow down before an object, but I worship nonetheless, and my biggest, most important idol is matter. I worship things. Right now, for instance, as I’m writing, I have beside me my sacred cup of coffee, which, in a sense, I bow down to. It’s as if coffee has precious powers that I truly need, and therefore is worthy of worship. I venerate countless other idols, as well – my body, for instance. I seem to believe that my physical body has some of the highest powers in the universe – that slight pain in the stomach can start a turmoil in my life, that a headache can turn happiness into adversity. It’s as if I bow down to my body each morning and beg it to bring me ease and wellbeing. 

         Today, I hope I can worship the only truly worthy idol – the supreme and blessed present moment. All the power in the universe exists and asserts itself right here and now, always. Isn’t that deserving of worship?  Each moment makes a brand new miracle. Isn’t that worthy of my absolute reverence? Maybe I should do some bowing today as the moments present their amazing wonders. 


In Hammer, HI, USA,
people pound their problems 
with silence and friendliness,
and all difficulties are hammered 
with the softest patience 
until they spread out 
like smooth and restful gifts. 
In Hammer, 
any meanness is clobbered 
with kindliness,
and a quiet summer sky 
can always bash discouragement 
so it softly disappears.  
People here 
carry clubs made of gentleness.
If you visit Hammer, 
be ready to be beaten. 

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