Saturday, March 12, 2022

         I hope I can do some peaceful staying today. I’d like to stay put right where I am, in this or that moment, in this or that place. Instead of always hoping to leave this moment and look for a better one, I’d like to wait around, right here and now, and just see what it has to offer. Lingering could be a good way to live today. It doesn’t mean being lazy and doing nothing, but just hanging around with whatever’s happening to get some glimpses of the everyday miracles. If I’m eating a pretzel, I want to spend some time with the eating, and if I’m sitting in the sunroom, I want to actually take up residence there for those minutes – truly stop off and stay awhile. Each and every moment today will be like a pause at a special time and place, and wouldn’t it be good to break up my journey and just visit for awhile?

(about Patricia F., 46, Blessings, CT, USA)

Sometimes, just for fun, 
Patricia tries to turn off 
the light of this moment,
right now, 
but she always soon sees
that it's impossible - 
that right here and now 
always shines the everlasting light. 
Sometimes she gets lost 
in daydreams of fears and adventures, 
but here and now 
never stops its timeless glowing,
and the glowing goes from nowhere 
to forever,
from stars across the sky 
to somewhere boundless 
inside her. 
She holds this light,
and the light holds her
and everything else,
from endless silence 
to songs that never start 
or end, 
and just for fun,
she shows this light 
to friends and family
and daffodils and forsythias, 
and they show this light back.
“Purple Crocuses”, oil, by Diana Mazjane

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