Thursday, March 10, 2022

It will be fun, today, to observe the skills life is constantly exhibiting. Just the fact that a brand-new moment is created over and over and over shows the astonishing competence of life, able to so easily produce newness again and again.  And what great expertise life must have, to make fresh thoughts for me, moment after moment all day! It’s like a virtuoso thought-maker is constantly at work in its infinite studio, fashioning thoughts that have never been seen before!  And then there’s the artistry needed to build new-born scenes for me to see throughout the day!

For most of my life, I believed that I was the clever creator of ‘my own’ separate life, but now, on the summit of 80 years, I see for sure that it’s life – or Life – itself that has the necessary skill, the flair and finesse, to make the beauty and boundlessness I experience each day.  Today, all day, I will witness Life’s terrific talents, as endless as skies and stars. 

Below, a scene from our walk this morning …

And, some of Delycia’s lovely indoor flowers …

And, here’s a poem my grandson and I wrote together yesterday …

A blank verse poem by Louie and Hammy 

They love the way some words can sing a song,
and how some words are like a gust of wind
that wanders on a page and makes a poem
by two superb and great old poet friends.
They sit and smile and words flow out like streams -
oceans of words with valleys letter-filled
with wisdom of old age and frisky youth
which prance and scamper like a cat and dog.
Enjoy their poems, and you will feel free! 

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