Wednesday, March 9, 2022

         Life so often can seem to be one problem after another: how can I make this the best day possible? why am I feeling a little lost right now? what should I do next? What’s interesting, though, is that life, as I now understand it in my 80th year, is actually one solution after another, if only I could open my inner eyes and see it. Each moment is a miraculous answer. Every hour shows me wonderful roads to travel, all days are thorough explanations, any thought can clarify the meaning of life, and every feeling is a formula for success. Instead of fighting my lonesome way through problem after problem, I hope I can remember to walk quietly and alertly through this panacea of solutions that is life. This very day on which I am writing these words is ready to explain everything. Listen up, old man!

And our chalkboard poem for yesterday, a very windy one …

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